Happy birthday to me ! It’s my 37th birthday today.

and I’m so happy to inform that the Raw & Salada recipe book which I had been working on for  the last  half year is finally ready for press.

I’m very content with how it came out, i have a big appreciation towards the team for producing this book, the editors, the photographer,the stylist and the designer.

It will be launched out at the event : MORI-MICHI-ICHIBA in Aichi on 14th and 15th May.


I often travel back and forth between Shinamto and Tokyo because of  the book and other things  these days.

and next week again. a music Live and TABI cuisine events will be hold while I’m in Tokyo.

I will post the information here soon.





そして、ついに、この半年近くとりかかっていた、お料理(Raw & サラダ)本が校了となりました!





そのついでにと、来週も、東京近郊でLIVE  & TABI食堂の催しありますよー。